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    Cool 1st Annual Ft Pierce Spoil Islands Run

    I would like to invite any and all to come ride this Saturday up the Indian river which has hundreds of spoil islands all the way to the cape. This is the hutchenson island area and its amazing. It has it all as far as private little isands to explore every 100 yards or so. It has the big waves outside the inlet to jump. Tow in Surfing?

    Cool Map I made

    Meet at the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park Boat Ramp @ 11am Saturday May 3rd Bring food and drink (portable) We can ride up to sebastian inlet and back its a 30 mile run. We can also just take over a spoil island and have a sand bar party. Tide is DEAD LOW at 12:05pm...Meet at the Island thats right in the center of the ft pierce inlet at 12:30pm - 1:00pm, and thats it! thats the plan, the incomming tide water will be clean and clear. I let my people at Riva Motorsports know too. If you sea a PWC say HI! for we who PWC are not well liked anyway.

    (Cranberry color Izuzu Rodeo W/Purple and green GTS Doo with a hot blonde on the back)
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    Sorry we missed this one!

    I haven't been that far north!

    Let us know next time you are doing this again!

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