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    polaris hull gpr motor

    hey guys just a few quick questions i picked up a polaris viravge hull and now i want to put a yamaha gp1300r motor in now i want to know what will i need from the gpr pump shaft etc.? and will i have to do any fiberglass work?

    yeah and i know this is a very unexpected conversion

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    Hey Pman. I think the very first thing I would do, would be to lower the engine down in there, and put it on wooden blocks. Then put the gi-humungoid anoconda pipe-from-hell off the gpr in there.

    IF it fits, (especially wide) you are then needing to figure out some type of coupling. They are pretty different.

    You might be homefree after that.

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    is there any aftermarket axhuast that is smaller i think that will be my biggest problem with the egine fitting

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    do you think a yamaha 1200pv would fit better?

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