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    GH...a ? re ride plate extentions

    A while back...I seen the pics of your ride plate extended on an rxp.

    What do you suppose could be gained from adding 1.5" -2" to the rxt's bring it to the end of the hull or maybe a bit beyond?

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    My experience has shown that it scrubs speed bigtime. I started with a 2" extension and it scrubbed 2.5 mph so i cut it down to 3/4" and it only scrubbed 1 mph.

    I don't recommend it for a flat water rider but for someone riding ocean chop its a must have. I ran thru our lake when it was real chopped up and the extension was amazing. The nose stayed planted and hookup was improved dramatically.

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    Have you ever compared your wot average speeds in chop compared to those on glass?

    What little running I've done with a gps has shown as much as a 10mph difference....I'd bet I'd see more on a real bad day.

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