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    Question GP mat installation question..???

    I'm installing new hydroturf and wish to do this right..tucking the turf under the rail in back..( I'm not doing the shoddy looking butt'd joint or a taper then tuck)

    The rivets on the rear side pieces that have the little dished caps over them (mini reversed expansion plugs are what they look like)...

    Do any of you fellows have a trick to remove these caps with out destroying them or the side rail ???

    I'm thinking I can super glue a wood dowel onto the cap and then pull em out ,then disolve the glue with remover.
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    take like a flat head screw driver or something and just pry the rivet caps off.. but keep track of them, then when you put the new rivets on.. just push the new caps on.. i did that and mine are still on

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    I just got done doing the mats on my 98 GP1200. I ordered all new caps and rivets. It was the easiest and I think it was all like 15.00. CHEAP. I tried to reuse the caps but they were too bent up and they looked shatty. Your going to have to trim the back of the mat a bit. What i did was had someone hold the mat in place and folded over the ridge. Then i clamped it down every so many inches. Finally cut the mat just below the line above the rivets with a SHARP razerblade. They tack the mats down and rivet the whole back pieces on. The back flashing has a red or blue strip in it. Dont try to slide it in place. Just line it up and hammer it back in with a rubber hammer.
    Any ?'s pm me.
    Just take your time and it will look real good!

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    THANKS GUYS !! That cap strip... what a joke by yamaha... I replaced all the yellow strips with new ones from RIVA... bastages have shrunk over two inches on the sides since installation... (my ski sits with a cover under a carport so its not abuse via the sun)
    I'll have to replace em again ..hopefully yami will have cut them long this time to allow for shrinkage ..I had to strech these to just fill the gap...

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    I'am in the process of putting new mats down on my blaster. It is a pain. But it should look way better than before.

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