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    Need help with 99 700

    I removed motor and pump out of ski and fabed it into a seventeen foot jon boat. Any ideas for a good impellar, it has a stainless OEM in it now.

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    abo, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    With your set up installed in the boat and stock impeller what are your current RPM's at WOT?
    As long as you're running in the "normal" RPM range you know the impeller is a good match. If you're spinning too many RPM's you know you need a steeper impeller or need somebody to tweak it.
    Same principal goes for the low end, if you "spin" the impeller on take off, you need a steeper prop or work it. If it dogs out of the hole, you know you need to run a lower degreed impeller.
    Run that sucker and let us know what you get.
    Say your impeller is a 13/17 and you spin out of the hole, try a 14/17.
    If you're running 8000 RPM you might want to try a 14/19 and pull the RPM's down.
    See what I mean??
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    Any photos of your modified jon boat?
    Love to see how you fitted it all into the hull.

    Have you had it running on the water yet?
    What makes you suspect the impeller needs changing?

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    Welcome to Green Hulk

    The service manual claims the SLH (2 seater) weighs 460 lbs the SLTH weighs 595 lbs.(dry weight) Each should run 6600-6700 rpm.They both use a Skat Trac 12/17 impeller,Polaris #5131457. The SLH will do 50-52 mph,not sure about the SLTH 's speed.
    I think if your jon boat weighes between 460-595 the factory impeller should work.
    I would imagine you need to run it and see what rpm's you see.

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