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    Is this impeller suitable for my machine?

    I was looking at gettin the solas 11/19 on the pitch.
    Would this be an ok one? What gains will i see and where.

    Also any recomendations? I just wanna be able to hole shot a little better and not loose any top end but gain top end//
    Thanks DAN

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    I don't know but the guy that does will need to know what machine you have.

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    sorry, 2003 gtx 155hp

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    I am running an 11/19 prop from Solas, Its dropped my RPMS to 7200... Hiting 54mph top speed w/ GPS still, what #'s are you getting?

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    I have factory impeller right now. Havent used gps yet but my speedo shows 60 and my buddys beside me and his says 57.

    Looking to get an impeller though wanna gain some top end

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    yea, my speedo says 60 61 when i ride, so i have the same top speed as before just run at a lower RPM to save the motor.

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