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    Help with insurance for my ski

    Hey guys, just got my ski and im shopping around for insurance, who has the best rates? i did some quick quotes online but im still waiting the emailed quotes. Im 22 yrs old and my driving record is not perfect, not sure if it pretains to PWC's or not, but i have a couple tickets. I remember i tired insuring my GSXR-600 last year and it was almost as much as the bike per year!! hopfully the new ski is not so bad! what is everyone who is around my age paying for insurance for your skis. Mine is an 04 rxp. Thanks!

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    progressive is your best bet, why dont you walk your ass down here and we can talk!!!

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    $115 per year with Progressive covers both PWC and the trailer.
    Drivers are My wife, my daughter (age 14), and myself.
    $500 Ded. on Collision and comp. Liability is $100K/$300K.
    I compared to Geico and AAA. They were both close to $300 per year.
    Good luck.

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    I'm 23 years old. I went with progressive. They charged me $363.00 for one year. I got a quote off line and went to an insurance agent. The agent got a better offer for me.

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