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    96 XP perfomance parts

    I'm selling my limited boat to a friend that is going to use it as a surf ski so he doesn't need all of the bells and whistles. If I were to pull off some of the following parts is there still a market for them or do all of the 800 riders already have all of performance parts they need? Here is what I could pull off and return to stock:

    UMI w/ KPMI trigger & billet start/stop, Factory Spec II pipe, MSD water injection w/billet filter, Buckshot billet carbs (47mm I think), Buckshot intake, ADA head w/ high compression domes (I forget the size but it needs 100+ octane), extra non-slip seat, R&D hydro quick trim, R&D top loader, Beach House sponsons, couple of stainless props and an extra pump

    If there is still a market for this stuff then I can pull it and sell it, but if it isn't worth much anymore then I will just leave it all on.

    If you want something listed above then pm me an offer for what you want. If you want the carbs, head or quick trim I will need stock parts back along with money, I have the stock replacements for everything else.

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    ill take a bell or mabe one me back thanks

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    how much for the UMI? what does it include? is it the whole steering system?

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    got pix???

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    Sent you a PM, interested in the UMI.

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    How much for the trim and maybe the carbs?? Shipping to 32809??

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