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    Upgrading clutch on an 06 after impeller install

    Once I get around to installing a new supercharger impeller what else should be done to extend the life of the clutch. I drive an 06 and am waiting for my stg 3 parts to come in. On my 06 is something like Rotaxs Heavy Duty Clutch kit overkill or the best way to go. Les offers the hardened washers is it worth just to do that instead. My 06 probably wont have more than 25 hrs by the time the kit gets here (if all gos well). Im also curious why Riva didn't do anything about upgrading the clutches with their stg 3 kit you would think they would add something in there but I guess their BOV is their excuse from taking away stress from the clutches ( I understand that is their theory and others say the bov is worse on the clutches ) but its the only excuse for not upgrading it.

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    06 comes with the Heavy Duty clutch upgrade from the could order up the hardened washers from Les or Jerry has some being made as well and yer good to go.

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