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    Having problems starting my 900 STX after carb cleaning, HELP PLEASE???

    I decided to performe some maitanace service on my 2003 900STX-di, this is what i did:

    Replace spark plugs (BR9ES, stock plugs, new)
    Replaced fuel filter
    Cleaned carbs and intake box

    AFter putting everything together the ski started right up no problem, it ran for about 2 min. and then shut off. I was not able to get it started again.

    This is what i have tried so far:

    Primed fuel system
    checked for spark (ok)
    Checked and cleaned spark plugs to make sure fludding was not the issue
    Check all my fuel lines to make sure they are in the correct flow

    Can anybody help?

    NOte: ski did not have srating issues at all prior to carb cleaning and i never took the carbs apart, i just took them out as one unit and sprayed some brake cleaner.

    Thanks in advanced for your help.

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    Fanally got it started this morning, everything is good, no issues. Just had to prime the fuel extremelly well.

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