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    2002 XLT 800 questions?

    What's it worth with 100 hours?
    What is the life expectancy, well cared for of course?
    Is there power valve and other issues with the 800 motor?
    Coming from Sea-doo looking at one for the family...

    Thanks for your thoughts/comments-

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    i can tell you a little about the motor im not familiar with the craft the or price.

    the 66e is a pretty strong motor its one flaw is the power valves. simple fix have wave eater clips and you shouldn't have any problems.

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    130 hours but well maintained...
    I was reading about the clips/valves, how much is fix and can the average joe fix?
    I was reading a little about that, and the SRX sled motors came to mind. I remember some friends have problems with Power valves...servos or some crap...they were not happy.
    Anyway, I am close pulling the trigger so thanks guys-

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    avg joe can do the pv's
    good ski to run cheaply, miy modded xlt800 gets twice the fuel mileage of my rxp.
    fast enough for tube pulling and big enough for riding with 3
    life expectancy should be 400+ hours if you maintain it and use good oil.
    cheap to rebuild.

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    i dont feel like i get bad gas range with mine but i dont feel its great either. i say im heavy on the throttle most times and get about 3-3.5 hours at a tank. if i stay off the throttle i get a hell of a lot more on a tank of gas.

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    I recently purchased 2001 xl800 with 41 hours,paid $800,no trailer.Little rough on the exterior,nothing major.Exhaust manifold must be removed to access powervalves.Pulled mine apart this evening,couple of stubborn bolts,took about 1 hour.Waiting on clips to re-assemble.Ski is pretty large in size,but still gets 55 mph on gps.I thought that was great for the 2 cylinder and 800 lbs.

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    Pulling the exhaust is a pain.
    My understanding is that early PVs could hit the pistons - later PVs would not hit pistons. I've confirmed this on my 66e motors, unless the PV drops all the way through, no way to make piston contact. The clips are a good idea.
    At 100 hours, $2000 in good cosmetic shape, no trailer.

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    Not to Hijack I always here about the PV. I have an 05 xlt1200. Is my engine a PV motor and does this issue effect me. I got 82 hours on it.

    BTW I see tons and tons of 800's all over.

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