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    Hole in piston! 2001 DI's. Help!

    I just took apart two 2001 951 DIs, and both mag pistons have obvious detonation, and there is a hole below the rings. Do the DIs have an inherent problem that would cause this type of damage to two engines with virtually the same amount of time on them? Seems a bit too odd to be a coincidence.

    Thanks in advance.


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    as far as i remember, the 2001 di's required 91 or 93 octane fuel. the later years could use regular. that could be your problem.

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    Most all OEM pistons have a hole in the intake side below the rings.

    The deto is probably what Jay said...bad gas.

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    Thanks guys. Too low of octane was a suspect, but figured it would have an effect on both mag and pto pistons. The pto pistons have little to no damage on them. Any thoughts on that? The hole is definitely where the piston has the least amount of material, under the rings on the exhaust side. Getting very hot.



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    Check the oil injection filters on them I have had alot of 951 motors with geled oil filters that clogg. Take a hacksaw and cut them in half and you will see if it is the promblem. If it is the promblem drain the tank and start fresh.

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