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    is this a great price on a FX HO?

    PWC is a 2008 FX HO;

    I live in the North Carolina and inquired about some OTD prices...the lowest i received is $10,334, including tax and a 3 year NC wildlife reg sticker ($80).

    How does this compare with some prices others have received?

    I also wonder how much more to move up add the Cruiser package...but i haven't heard back yet..any ideas?

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    That is about what I paid without tax included. Sounds like a pretty good price to me.

    I prefer the non crusier seat. ( I have a VX Crusier too)

    I added pop up cleats to mine. They are standard on the FXHO Crusier.

    FXHO Crusier has more gadgets in the dashboard also.

    Good Luck.

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