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    Ski is Viiiiibbbbbrrrraaatttiiinnng (ski!)

    I installed my Riva grate (thanks Jerry it keeps me hooked up great!!! ) but one thing I notice is that once I get up to about 55 the ski vibrates...anything under 55 it dont do a darn thing rides smoother then shit...but as soon as I hit that gas from cruising at 55 to go to WOT the ski dont take off like she used to and vibrates...she eventually does get up to WOT...but not as quick as with the stock grate in there...

    This all started after removing the stock grate and sticking this one on...


    But what could be the problem? If I ot WOT right out a turn and get up to top spped it wont shake a bit but as soon as a stop or something and then take off from a stop it will run perfect untill I get to 55 and it will start vibrating....even if I am cruising at 35 it will take off like a bat out of hell till 55 and then it will start vibrating...All of my RPMS are there all 7600 of em...What could be the problem??

    Do y7ou guys think that at the higher speeds that grate is overloading the pump? anyone else have this problem?


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    check to make sure your bolt on the grate are tight! I just had a problem with a vibration and a loss of rpm's and couldnt figure it out untill just for grins I checked the grate and the front bolt was almost all the way out. The front of the grate was pulling down at speed like a brake. So I tightened it up and wham no vibration gained back my 300 rpm loss and nice top speed again Check yours out!!!

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    hey totalyblown are you gonna make it over to grand lake st marys this week end?

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    Didnt you snap a bolt on your intake not to long ago? I bet something funky is happening with this.

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    Nope fixed the intake bolt deal...

    After taking it out toay I saw that the zip tie holding the big rubber tube was loose and it let the free flow pipe move a lot....

    I think thats the problem wouldnt ya say?

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    I have a similar problem. Just installed the Riva grate on my RXP and also changed the wear ring. It does not vibrate at high speeds but when turning sharp I feel a bad vibration. I thought it was the propt hitting the wear ring, as a result of this grate front loading more water than the stock grate did. I checked to see if it had come lose but all is still tight. I do not recall this happening ever with the stock setup. So I wonder if when turning sharp the grate causes more water pressure on the prop then normal?

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