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Thread: Back in action

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    Back in action

    I just got the engine bolted back into the ol GTX. I should be riding again in a few days as long as parts are on time. I want to apologize to Jerry for changing my order so many times and thank him and Steve for their help and patience. I went with the RXT driveshaft, prop, and wear ring, as well as a cheap after market front engine mount that belive it or not is urathane instead of rubber. It feels a lot more sturdy. I'm hoping to get my hands on a rotax racing mount as soon as they become available. Well gotta get back to work putting the rest of the ski back together.

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    Josh, did you get the prop I sent you yet? You gonna be good to go for saturday? I wont have my ski, but i'll be there anyway on a different ski Vman is letting me borrow

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    Glad to hear you will be there. I am really looking forward to meeting you guys. I cant believe you did this in the middle of the summer. What were you thinking?? Good to have friends with skis!!!

    Gonna be in NY all week, wont be able to help much. But very glad to hear you are close to being done. Let hope those parts get there soon!!

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    Steve I didn't get the prop yet but i'm sure it'll be here monday. I'm working on finishing up the wiring right now and then i'm gonna call it quits. There's no point in putting the exhaust and SC back in until i get the driveshaft in. Hopefully i'll be testing on tuesday. I need to register with AWA soon too.

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    Glad to hear your back with the program dude!...PR...

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