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    I think my RXT-X was made in china

    Hey guys i'm wondering if i'm the only one having little pain in the a$$ problems with my ski ? I got my rxt-x a month ago and at first the exhaust clamps were loose , then my first jump my handlebars folded down (the bolts were left loose ) , then my hood shock kept popping off the bracket slamming the hood on my head and now last sunday i've noticed that my mirors were vibrating and ratteling so i pulled over and sure as hell the knob for the latch was loose al the way !! and tomorrow i'm gona have to adjust my seats they are to far back not sealing the salt water out of the engine compartment and on top of al this chit i gotta worry about some fuel return line leaking WTF !! what if i diden't know how to rachet on the ski i would have hade to take it back for service like 5 times allready in a month ???? so far i'm a little dissapointed !!! anyone with similar issues ???

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    Are you done crying yet? Take it to you sorry ass dealer and tell him he needs to setup the ski since he charged you for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawz View Post
    Are you done crying yet? Take it to you sorry ass dealer and tell him he needs to setup the ski since he charged you for it!
    ...thats funny.

    I feel ya though, my supercharger hose fell off the second time out, now this fuel hose issue. I would hate to not know how to wrench with this.

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    At least they are all easy fixes! Maybe your's was made on a Friday afternoon.

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    If he takes it back to the dealer that he got it from, he will be lucky it they finish it for 2009 riding season.
    Quote Originally Posted by jawz View Post
    Are you done crying yet? Take it to you sorry ass dealer and tell him he needs to setup the ski since he charged you for it!

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    No chit...don't take it to the dealer or else you'll never see it when you want it. If it makes you feel better, my handle bars folded on me some. Bolts were loose. I have a P-X and the orange hood (small compartment on the hood) kept coming open no matter how many times I shut it or adjusted it. The only fix was shimming it with another washer. The exhaust hosed came off mine too, though I think it was my fault, but it happened in the first 10 minutes of its life.

    But how is your ski's engine running? That's the important thing. The rest seems to be related to dealer prep. My dealer got 6 in on one day and delivered them the next I don't know what's entailed in delivery but I'm guessing stuff comes loose to fold and fit in the crate and then the dealer needs to do all this small stuff...the stuff that obviously wasn't done.

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    Call up "Bombadiere" Canada or Austria....which ever is cheaper? long distance call. If the other person on the other line starts speaking funny and like morse code and if you hear a lot of "Chow mein" or "Kung Pow Chicken" on every end of sentence and ask you...yo wan fly rice ta gu wit dat.............YES, YOUR RXT-X IS MADE IN CHINA, yu wan fly rise or egk roll? ....QUICK !!!!!! pull your Super Charger, there might be a fortune cookie there. Read it ....might say....fortune cookie say, SUPLISE !!!! "MADE IN CHINA" ...... Gee, I crack myself up
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    This is the reason to never buy a first year production ski. All the manufacturers have the same problems. 04 RXP plenty of problems, first year 250x same deal, and the new SHO has a driveline problem already.

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    Its funny, but after owning Kawis, Yamahas and 'Doos, I gotta agree with Heel ... they ALL need some TLC. Every brand new ski I get, I literally check all the 'usual suspect' bolts, meaning all the ones you noticed trouble with and alot more. One of my GPRs had the nozzle trim setup completely loose and reversed - it did the opposite of what was indicated on the bars. The dealer prep really is a joke, but I guess my thinking is that most of us are smarter and make more money than the dealer prep guys, so I now assume that I need to double check all their work.

    Funny one ... my brother and I both bought new 1999 Yamaha XLL 1200 3 seaters once ... we both ran gas/oil mix in the first tank for breakin. Next tank was gas only ... he only got 5 minutes of idling and it seized up tight. Turns out an oil injection line was pinched ... and it was the main feed from the pump and it was out of sight where it was pinched. The dealer repaired it, but he promptly sold it ... I kept mine for years and loved it. You just never know ... gotta check things over and expect the worst.

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