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    2002 4 tec $500.00 Miami Fl

    This ski is not mine but here is the link

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    Why the hell somebody would ask 500$ for something still worth many times more...? I call BS on this add.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeepster View Post
    Why the hell somebody would ask 500$ for something still worth many times more...? I call BS on this add.
    A 4-tech is worth more than $500 with a broken crankshaft?

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    its a 02 155 with the snout broke off the crank (classic 02 model year failure) it is an 02, and a 155, that needs a complete rebuild, so yeah, thats cheap... but what does the ski book for? I dunno, but sounded like a reasonable deal for someone who doesnt want to fork out 3k to rebuild a 3k ski.. Probably bullshit, but I got a friend in miami at the moment, and gonna get him to see if its for real or not.
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    No bull

    Hey guys thanx for the Tip ! i went and picked up the ski it's in good shape 101 hours the colors are sharp it had a cover on it so no sun damage . it dose have a broken crank and the wear ring is shot but i should be able to bring it back to life with a used crank for $500

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