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    I have a 2006 RXP with 21hrs. I am having a problem with the trim not working. I took it to the dealer and they told me it was the VTS housing. I have taken the motor out of the housing and jumped it off on 12v and the motor spins, but there is no movement when you use try to trim the ski. Also on the gauges where the lake water temp useally is it is showing a depth reading. I took the ski to the local dealer and they told me it was the vts and they said nothing about the depth reading. i have little faith in the dealer. If anyone can tell me how to check the vts (I have a meter) I would appericate it. Also if the mpem is bad will effect the way the ski performs? I live in east tn so if anyone has a rxp that i could hook my vts up to that would help? I just dont want to buy a VTS and it be the MPEP, because you cannot take electronics back. I would be in debt to anyone who could help. Thanks

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    Do you have a vts display?

    If you have nothing indicating you have a vts then the mpem needs to be hooked to BUDS and vts activated.

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    Check the fuse...Mine didnt work the first time out either...Checked the fuse and it was blown....It should be the fifth fuse down on the right side of the fuse block on the MPEM..Should be a 7.5 amp fuse
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    It has the trim on the display. and i have checked the fuses and it seem to be good i will recheck. I am getting power to the unit. Does anyone know what wires send the signal? I had to take my battery off before i took it to the dealer. If you unplug the VTS will it give you the depth reading on the display ( on the bottom right)

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