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    1300r Fuel Injection on a 1200r motor

    I would like to convert my xr1800 boat w/ twin 1200r motors, to fuel injection from a 1300r. How hard would this be if i could find all the necessary parts ???


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    Do a search a few members have done this in the past.

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    easy to do

    replace (swap) the following parts
    fuel tank
    fuel pump
    all wiring and ignition parts including CDI
    throttle bodies
    gauge set

    You would need to buy around $1200 / $1400 (used) in 1300 parts per motor

    You could sell the 1200 parts you are swapping out for around $900 per motor (carbs - $500, gauge set - $250, everything else $200) per motor

    So net it might cost $600 in parts
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    Thanks RX for the link to your project. However it may have done more harm then good. Now im double thinking the task of converting not 1 but 2 motors.
    Would replacing the cylinders w/ true 1300 cylinders make things any easier ?

    Is there any type of custom ski shop in the NJ area, that might take a project like this ???
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