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    How do Honda crate their skis?

    Does anybody know how the Hondas come packed from the factory? Are they in stell or wooden crates?

    Also I have heard that Honda always want the crates back upon sale. Can anyone confirm this?


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    i have not seen a pwc crated. I worked at a honda dealer. The dirt bikes were in disposable metal crates. The Bikes and the atv's were in the returnable crate. Hell just ask you local dealer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01seadoosales View Post
    Hell just ask you local dealer...
    I would ask my local Honda dealer except there aren't any that sell Honda PWC' i'm from Australia and thinking of exporting some of it would be handy to know.

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    It's basically just a big metal frame. They're not necessarily crated. The only thing that needs to be assembled is the handle bars and pads.

    They come 4 to a "crate", again its a frame, and they're angled and form like a big "X". Hope that makes sense.


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    Yes, Hondas are crated in steel frames. Quite sturdy compared to Yamaha crates. And yes, they do require the crates returned upon delivery to dealers unlike Yamaha which can be exported to other countries with no additional cost (for the steel crates)


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