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    stock venturi on an X?

    Anyone do this? I am interested in hearing about the results.. Any comments on what you have run would also be appreciated?

    I am thinking of getting my stock x machined but for the price i was recently quoted it isn't much difference than ordering the riva.

    I also dont plan on constantly playing with the rings either so i am wondering if the stock "P" nozzle would work well?

    thanks in advance

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    I have played with the complete stage one set up repeatedly this past weekend. I actually liked the stock nozzle performance.

    My ski ran - 75.2 mph @ 8100 rpms w/ stock venturi
    76.0 mph @ 8000 rpms w/ 82 mm ring

    I know the holeshot was better with stock nozzle. It seemed as if the accelleration (once on plane) was a little better with the 82 mm, but it wasnt leaps and bounds.

    These are just MY observations, and could be WAY off from what others have experienced.

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    Smaller Nozzle

    usually when you make the nozzle smaller the bottom end suffers.

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    I was getting almost 73 with the 82 mm ring and all the other stage 1 components except the riva grate and the wedge. The 82 mm ring caused that explosion of power the x has. We just need to adjust our props to work with the stock venturi. That is unless your looking for a high gps running machine.

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