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    two problems with my gp1300r

    I'm new to the site - looks like there are some very knowledgable members... hope you can help me. I have an '03 gp1300r - end of last season, gauge cluster started cutting in and out - now it doesn't read out at all. Anyone out there who had this problem? I just don't want to replace everything till we get it right if there's one typical part to focus on.

    Second, ski fires up fine, runs ok but will just cut out at full throttle. Restarts fine, funs ok - then mostly at full throttle will eventually stall again.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    welcome to the forum!

    check your gauge connections up-front,,

    last season did you empty the oil tank and fuel tank out before you stored it?

    check all the battery leads, and electrical box connections,, make sure none are loose....

    theres also a tilt sensor in front of the ski,, if you get off camber to much it will kill the motor,, if you search you can find out how to disable this feature.....this might be the problem...

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