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    GPR1200 with FF info

    Trying out something mentioned here a while back, I put a GRP1300 waterbox on my noisy GRP1200/1390 boat with a FreeFlow kit on it. THe 1300 waterbox has an additional chamber in it for whatever reason, and it is noticably quieter than the the 1200 waterbox. Enough so that I will leave my FF on(for detonation protection only, not performance). I had removed the FF because my ears just couldn't handle the drone at midrange cruising.
    Bought my 1300 box on e-bay for not too much, $35-40 I think. I bought a 1300 silencer too, but its basically the same as the 1200 one, so thats not needed incase you are not using FF.

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    Good choice...Also works well on a XLT but you have to work the hose to the silencer a little more.

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