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    WTB: Exhaust covers for 94 Yamaha Raider

    My stock exhaust cracked. I am looking for replacements. The number are :62T-41123-00-9M OUTER COVER, EXHAUST
    62T-41121-00-9M INNER COVER, EXHAUST .

    See Below, they are numbers 38 and 40 that cracked on mine.

    Anyone have one let me know.

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    Send me a pic of the part you need I might have it! Real Cheap

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    pay the shipping plus 50$ you can have the whole exhaust system from manifold to the end

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    That's a pretty common piece to crack. Post this over on the X. Most of those guys have pulled them and have them laying around. I know I found one for a friend over there for $20 shipped...
    Good Luck

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