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    Exclamation Economic Non Crisis by [Lindsay Williams]

    Lindsey Williams-“The Non Energy Crisis” 1hour 15minutes Looking at what he said in October of 2007, and what has happened today, Lindsey Williams looks like a modern prophet, but he will tell you he just happened to be in the right circle of people at the right time to be told what was going to happen.
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    Exclamation more good videos

    More good videos

    In the last part of his presentation, Lindsey Williams urges everyone to get and read John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” What follows is a soul baring interview on the subject which will flesh out what Lindsey Williams was presenting.

    John Perkins- “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” Part 1 54minutes

    John Perkins- “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” Part 2 49minutes

    Money as Debt is a very good and easy to understand video on the concept of our debt based currency system. I consider it the perfect companion to the comprehensive three and one half hour video “The Money Masters” but for the purpose of this stream of consciousness, Money as Debt hits the nail on the head for helping to get grasp at the motivating factor in the events of today.

    Money as Debt 47minutes

    Doubletalk 101-5minutes Listen as blood sucking poly-tics speak with forked tongues . I did not have the room to add everything I would like on the NAU but this will give you incentive to search out for more.

    Doublespeak 102- 31seconds More forked tongue dialogue that would be tongue in cheek if it were not so sad.

    Pretext for The North American Union (NAU): Part 4 Policy Makers (CFR) 20 min 32 sec - Jan 10, 2007

    Are You Getting Angry Yet? 7minutes

    What Are You Going to Do About it? 7minutes

    WE Are The Ones WE Have Been Waiting For. Realize it and take action.

    'Politicians and diapers should be changed often - and for the same reason.'

    'Push the OTHER button this time and Kick Them ALL Out!'

    'It's TIME for some REAL CHANGE- KickThem ALL Out in November!'

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