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    RRFPR tuning with RR ECU, Rude + 50lbs???

    Hi All,

    Looking for some help for those have similar set-ups.

    I have a RR ECU (propped for 8500rpm) Rude SC, RR cam, open loop, no porting or decking, 50lb injectors and RRFPR etc.

    Do you now what base pressure I should set my RRFPR at to ensure a good idle/mid and enough fuel up top?

    Setting the base pressure at 60psi is far too rich and i'm getting lots of fuel in oil.

    I know air and water temp play a role but I dont have access to an AFR meter currently so thought i'd ask your opinion on a safe set-up to get me by.



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    Grant, you will just have to play around with it. I would maybe start at 48 psi base pressure.

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