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    What plugs are you using in your Ultra 150 or STX-R?

    Just wondering what everyone is using. If you have a stg 1 kit then you can use BR8es or BR9es. Anyone tried both? Any adverse effects?

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    I had alot of problems fouling br9's so I have run br8's since last year with no trouble. If I have to idle alot it still will foul one occasionally. I could see it being a problem if you were running lean.

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    if you are running the ultra with the oddball ECU, you are stuck with that one plug...... but as far as a stage I goes, BR8ES... i ran that in my modded stock class stxr with no problems

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    In 2 Ultra 150's, one a modified 99 BR8's and the 02 Ultra modified and STXR stock BR9's with no problem.

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