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    97 xp took water no start

    Just picked up two 97 xp's two weeks ago and both ran fine the first day we took them out. Sunday we take them out again an one would not start in the water i had to lift the back out of the water to get it started, road about a half mile with no problems an then spun out an took on some water an ski died. ski would not start so i pulled the plugs an hit the starter button to get the water out an still no start. after trying to start it for five mins the start/stop button stop working, starter works cuz I can jump it an it turns over but there is no spark.............ignition maybe?

    I have a working xp i can take parts from but I dont know whats what so if you could let me know what they look like that would be good.. tia


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    Did you put the plug wires on the grounding pins while cranking? Or just leave them hanging off of the engine?

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    sounds like your battery is not 100% if you needed to lift the back end of the ski out of the water to start it. if the battery voltage is too low, the engine may turn over but not fire.

    now if your battery is not charging, check the voltage while running. should be 13+ volts at 4000rpms. if it is not charging then you need a new rectifier.

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    i just had the plugs hangin on the head, the batt was 100% it cranked but would not start in water.
    when i push the start button nothing happens

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    bump b4 i take it to the shop

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    Check your fuses.

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