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    Missing at Idle to ~5000 rpm

    I'm looking for some ideas on what may be causing this:

    Its a 2004 RXP (62 hrs) and the only mods are Riva air intake and Riva SC impleller.

    It starts perfect then after about 10 seconds it starts to miss, you can hear the miss in the exhaust note and the slight vibration as you idle away from the dock.

    If i give it gas it misses baddly, like it running on 2 cylinders then all of a sudden it will clear and the ski goes like a bat out of hell all the way to 8100 rpm (70 mph) and no miss or weird sounds.

    Boost pressure is fine.

    As soon as i drop back below 3000 rpm, it starts missing again.

    I will change the plugs as they have 62 hrs on them, but they look perfect and all the same.

    Any other sugestions?

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    Same problem I'm having! Welcome to the club!

    I'm looking at replacing the TOPS valve.

    You, however, need to check your coils, injectors, spark, and battery (connections and grounds) first.

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    Same thing happened to me.

    New Plugs were the ticket, 64hrs on mine.

    Cold fouled. I was amazed, every engineer I showed them to said they looked great - well $10 and a new set later back to runninng like a top.

    All will be well again

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    plugs 1st, and if 1 looks REAL sooty, leaky inj. on that cyl...

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    the ngk always look ok. but thats why I always have a box of them in the trailer. Take mins to change and a world of difference in the way they run. On some of my customers machines i change them every 10 hrs or so. just so they have a problem free ride

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    Sorry for the delay in responding, did not have a chance to ride until now.

    Good news in my case, it was just the spark plugs. Put in new ones and no more miss.

    Thanks all!

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