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    OEM Steering Nozzle vs.........

    Which steering nozzle is the fastest for top speed only. I don't care about turning, 2 up riding, etc. I want to know which is the fastest in a straight line. There a few different brands out here and then the plastic OEM one. Lets compare and contrast!!!! Thanks...

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    Most of us use the stock steering nozzle.RX951 had good luck with an aftermarket one.Might ask him.

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    I use an R&D nozzle. I seen a .7 gain with it vs. the plastic stocker. Back to back test on my ski. Unported 12R
    Due to the extended length, its a little harder to trim vs. the OEM nozzle.
    The aftermarket ones are stronger also.

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    Im using a protec one right now but I didnt get to do any back to back testing to see if it is faster or not. I understand it is better in the long run to go with aftermarket just wandering about results...

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    I don't think you are going to find a nozzle that is 'faster'. Just my opinion. It's all in the exit nozzle not the steering.

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    I did not get any more speed out of my R&D nozzle on my stock 12r. More reliable for sure.

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    All my spped runs have been done with the Pro-Tec +12mm nozzle. I do this for the same reason I run an aftermarket grate "Safety" now as far as speed goes Spud ran his unported 1200 to 77.8 on a Pro-Tec nozzle I will that speak for itself.

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    i'm currently using a alluminum sho nozzle on my gpr. no difference really, everything is about the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenn View Post
    i'm currently using a alluminum sho nozzle on my gpr. no difference really, everything is about the same
    same here, but I do think the steering is ultra sensitive...

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