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    Noob to seadoo with a question!

    Hey fellas, kind of a noob here to pwcs all together. Had a drag car and now road race motorcycles doing all my own work ect... I thought those were money pits but I recently found this site trying to find some help on an issue I've been having and noticed that you guys dump some serious money into these badboys! These performance parts and seadoo mechanics are a whole new ball game to me and I definitely have a new respect for the amount of work/time/money that goes into modifying and keeping these sea-doos operational.

    For my question:
    I bought my rxp new in 2005, a rocket when I first bought it but after putting 29hrs on it everything went to hell. Granted I know about the SC washer issue and already sent my sc out (thank god before the ceramic washers disinigrated), but now my vts is not working. I did some testing and narrowed it down to the motor. My question is that after I took off the 4 nuts holding it in, the motor doesn't come out. Do I need the seadoo vts nut tool to loosen the rear nut or am I able to just pry the motor out? There was def. a lot of corrosion in the motor housing. I've tried pulling very hard but it won't come out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Yes the large plastic nut near the pump must be removed first. If should be easy to remove then.

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    asphalt, dirt, and water are my playgrounds. ViperRy's Avatar
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    thanks.. just ordered the nut tool so hopefully the motor pops off so I can get some use out of the ski this year

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