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    Exclamation 98 GP1200 Starting and Running Issues

    I won't EVEN go into all of the issues at this point .. main one is....won't start, makes clicking noise but the engine doesn't turn over....and the starter is HOT! To the touch, I mean ... I unhooked the battery and it cools down. I'm figuring something electrical but I have to say, I am not very knowledgeable, only very determined. We have pulled the starter and it is (or was) okay yesterday. Took it out on the water and it would only run like 5 miles per hour.

    Does anyone have any suggestions (other than what the hubby says .. "take it to the shop!")


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    sounds like you got it to start once and it ran horribly. Has this been sitting a long time? give us a history of the ski. how old is the gas in it? last time it ran correctly? etc

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    Basically been sitting since last fall. The daughter took them out for the first time this year but couldn't get this one to run. Replaced the battery, thought it was the starter, FINALLY got to the starter and it seemed okay. At least some of the gas in the tank is from last year, I'm sure it was topped off this year.

    I got it to run great on the hose before putting it in the water but in the water.. just very slow.

    I am flying blind here as I don't really know very much about these things but I really would appreciate any input...Thanks so much for responding!

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    Okay guys...Another stupid question.....but maybe one that is easy to answer...

    After looking extensively at this forum, I took another look inside this thing. Two looks like maybe it has an oil leak...there is oil spray inside the hull. After seeing this......I took out the plugs and turned the impeller by hand to see if the engine had seized and here is the result...I can turn the impeller BUT I hear this noise...I am doing this alone so I really can't tell where the noise is coming and it may be completely normal! I figured someone here would know.

    Just FYI, I am not trying to start it or anything and will not attempt major may have figured out that I don't know much and on top of that, I am a girl! It's just very puzzling to me and would like the satisfaction of figuring it out!

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    check your oil lines! you have a 4 port oil pump that feeds each carb and 1 goes back to the tank # 8 it is common for it to fall off,5,0

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    Thank you so much for responding!

    I checked the oil lines from the tank down. #8 is connected and here is what I found..there is definitely oil coming from somewhere! The #5 connection ( I don't know exactly what it is going into!) has a lot of oil on and around it. It is connected but it doesn't feel like it is all the way...once again, I admit my stupidity and appreciate your patience! Any more suggestions??

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    well does that oil hose that didnt feel like it was on all the way have a zip tie on it?

  8. #8 tie on it.

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    #5 is the oil supply from the reservoir to the pump! very critical

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    ok well i would get a new zip tie on it if it is loose IMO if it is loose and not all the way on the fitting it could leak

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