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    Does anyone here know anything about the RXP's. I have already posted over there, but I thought I would ask. I think I am going to trade my 600RR for an RXP. They are both 06's my bike with 1270 miles and the ski with 52hrs. I just want to know what to look for in the ski. I know my bike is better than new. So dont want to trade something nice for a piece.

    Let me know

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    it all depnds on what you want a motorcycle or a pwc, rxp are fast but rxpx are faster, plus the problem with the washers, if you do deciede to do this take it out with a gps to make sure it hits 65 mph because if you are stuck at 40 to 50 your washers are gone and thats a costly repair ($2000 unless it covered under warranty). If you get it take your supercharger off and send it to jerry right away

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