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    Question removing sticky pads?

    i took off all the foot pads because they were falling off anyway but now there is this sticky film on the deck

    does anyone know how i can get this off without annihilating the paint or fiberglass

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    Acetone (wal mart) won't hurt the fiberglass, but will remove the paint.

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    thanx but i really dont want to repaint it

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    i know canola oil works but it takes alot of elbow grease

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    There have been a few posts on this subject.

    I use WD-40 to soften the adhesive, then scrape it off with a plastic scraper or nylon scrubbie pad. You can also buy plastic razor blades. Then I use Simple Green to get the oily film cleaned off.

    Others have used some solvents, but you need to be careful you don't eat into the gel coat.

    Sometimes a gentle application of an electric heat gun (low setting) can soften the goop enough to scrape it off. Don't use a torch.

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    thanx ill try the wd 40 and scruby see if that works

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