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    waverunner problems

    I got a 92 vxr 650 over the winter with a blown engine. got a rebuilt 650 with high compression heads a month ago, and installed it with no problems.

    Had it out on the weekend with my 91 seadoo sp (580) and the seadoo blew it away. It seemed to be running fine but after about 3/4 throttle there was no more power and the engine didn't go any faster.

    Is this normal or is something wrong?
    possibly impeller or something?
    thanks in advance.

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    I would start by checking the simple things. are the throttles opening all the way, any damage to impeller etc. also a tach is a must for trouble shooting get a tiny tach they are cheap and will give you a solid baseline to work from.

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    after putting in that engine with the high compression heads should I have also installed a different impeller?

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