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    Resleeve or Replace?

    My friend's 03 1300R has rear cylinder all scuffed up with a 1/16th in. deep scratch in it. I saw SBT replacement sleeve for $90 bucks, don't know what they charge for labor. He also needs a new piston, rings, wrist and washers and caged bearings.

    Would it be more economical to try and resleeve it or look for a used one in G.C., with a matching piston and rings? Also a real pain in the ass to have to a break-in period for only one piston with gas over $4.00 a gallon.

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    Send it to Millenium for weld and re-nick

    They will hone and match it to a piston for you

    Unless you are just gonna sell it, then go with SBT sleeved cylinder.

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