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    Powervalve function linked to gauge?

    Have been using my ski (2001 GPR800) for the past year without the power valves. Since i just purchased a new engine from SBT, I want to make it right. i had all the PV reinstalled and checked my servo as shown here on the threads. And it's working as explained in the manual.

    My gauge though has not been working just as long and i have totally disconnected it from everything else.

    My question is, do i need to get a working gauge in order for my PV to work?
    Also, how to i get the beeping sound for the oil level to stop since i converted to premix.


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    Gauge has nothing to do with Pv's it is controlled from the CDI. To stop the oil alarm from beeping you can do two things, Zip tie the float in the up position or unplug the connector for the pump and jump the two wires going back to the CDI

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