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    questions about 01 xlt 1200

    hey guys, i want to see if you guys can help me,
    my buddy has an 01 1200 xlt and he just recently put in new pistons, rings and the no. 2 jug. anyway, he was having a seizing problem hence the repair. so he put it all back together and put it in the water for a test run and it ate up no. 2 cylinder again. he thought that he was having an oiling problem so he went to premix and premixed at a rate of 50:1. so we took it out and ran it and it was having the same problems, took it apart again and found that it ate up the piston again. what can cause this to happen. that was a 500.00 problem that he would like to find and get rid of. i did notice that the top of the head on cylinder number 2 was all pitted up. any help would be much appreciated.

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    Did he rebuild his carbs?

    Did he clean out the entire engine of left over metal chunks from the first time?

    If yes on both, he needs to check his crank.

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    Curently Testing the XLT1200 on an old piston and a honed jug. so far so good i think i missed a piece of piston from the crankcase wow thats going to be an expensive mistake when i reorder that cylinder and piston.
    currently im running a the old piston what problems will a 20 psi differance in compression make on the engine as a whole?
    numbers are 110, 90, 110 that was right after it was put together i havent checked is since running i suppose the rings could have seated in a little but that cylinder has some pretty good grooves. i dont plan to run it long just curious.

    thanks all.

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