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Thread: VTS on a GTX?

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    VTS on a GTX?

    I was looking at the 08 wake edition and I saw that they had a VTS button on it. I was wondering if you could put a VTS system on an 03 GTX.

    System includes a large non skid surface with integral board support and footrests, board rack with room for an additional rack as an option, electric VTS for enhanced performance, quick tank fill and quick connect feature for easy tank removal when not in use.

    So this means the system COMES with VTS to add on, right? I believe prior to 08 the wake editions didn't come with a VTS option. If you get both a VTS system and the board rack, I just may order this from Parker Yamaha and eat the 100+ for shipping it'll cost me to ship it here to TX.

    I would go to the local dealer, but when I went to ask how much a ski pylon and exhaust tube for the GTX would be, he quoted me 399 for the pylon and 80 for the tube. Uh no, I'll just get it elsewhere.
    Does anyone have any other idea about how to get the ballast system here without gettin reamed on shipping? Cuz I really think it's cool and would let everyone who boards behind my doo progress extremely well and make the doo more enjoyable.
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