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    1050 motor in a SLT750

    Could I put a 1050 motor in my SLT 750 without changing electronics or anything else?? if not what is the biggest motor I could go with without changing anything??


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    electronics , well yea you would have to change out the cdi and figure out how to wire it back in for the 1050 ,

    the mounts i dont i do believe they dont use the same driveshaft unless you have a extended pump

    i dont know if the mounts are the same ,

    you know i can take a picture of my hull for you to see if they are the same .

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    The 780 Fuji and that would still require the correct CDI, coils etc.
    If you use your old carbs, you'll have to rejet as well.
    Different impeller
    The Domestic engine will require much more to make the transplant work. It'd be cool, just involved and hardly cost effective.

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