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    toasted rings on 787

    Hi guys new to the site,i have read every post for info on these seadoo machines and havent had any problems until today. maybe some of you can help. i have an 87 challenger with twin 787's. today after tearing the water up the left engine just kept stalling, but it would start right back up, and then after about 30 mins. it would stall again, so after getting her home i pulled the spark plug and noticed the piston hit the plug. but only on the rear cylinder, so took off the cover and the rings are chewed up badly. so my question is do you think a new piston rings and sleeve will fix this or do you think the crank is bad also. i did notice the bad (rear) cylinder is dry, and thegood cylinder (front) is wet. what in your opinion happened? thanks for the help!!

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    Welcome holdmeback.

    Post a pic of the pistons/cylinders. You prob siezed it due to lean condition. A bore/hone with new OEM pistons should work (debris durring the carnage can close the plug)

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    thanks for the help i will try gettong some pics up asap

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