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    Oil Pressure light came on for a minute

    I was riding WOT for about 10 minutes, then I hit a big wake from another boat. My oil pressure light came on for a second and beeped, causing the engine to bog down. It didn't shut off, and after 3 seconds it stopped beeping and was back to normal.

    Does this mean my oil level is low ? Anybody know ?

    I haven't had a chance to check the oil level ( waiting for engine to cool and the ski on level ground ).


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    I would check my oil and just see what happens. You have to consider at WOT the pan does not have a lot of oil in it. So, depending on how you hit the wake or position of the ski maybe it lost suction.

    If it comes back I would start to investigate further

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    My 15 F did the same thing today only it stayed at 7mph all the way home from the ocean, had to pull her back just to be safe and now I to am lost, I checked the oil, looks clean and up to the right area but I am no mechanic...

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    test the oil pressure per service manual first.

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