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Thread: R&D C5 Monster

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    R&D C5 Monster

    I just bought the C5 Monster, its suppose to come in next week, I need your guys professional advice, I want to run the Stock ECU with it, I have and external innercooler and 42 lbs injectors and skat trak 15/19 and the rest of the goodies, If and when it probably happens its hits the stock rev limiter, which part of the impeller do i Add or substract MM and are the 42 lbs injectors enough?

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    Going by the specs, it seems to be the equivalent to a Riva S3 SC, and if it is, 42# injectors would be good. If you're testing and hitting the limiter, don't do it for long because fuel delivery goes very lean near the limiter. Let us know how it goes, seems to be quite a deal.

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