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    HELP! need impeller help having to use stocker

    I sucked up rocks and my impeller is dinged up. I have a 14/18.5 solas -2mm. It has a little shimmy to it at top speed and only goes 64-65. That is 5-6 miles under what it used to. My rpms are at 7900. I pulled the pump and the rocks chewed up the trailing edge(the part that winds in the middle).

    Right now I'm using the stocker but not sure if I have the pitch right.
    Does anyone know the measurements of the blades from table to blade edge at 1inch in, 2inch and 3inch in. at the leading edge. (For a stage 2 RXT).

    Should I send the solas to impros to be fixed up, repitched and balanced (probably 100 dollars with shipping).

    Should I just buy a used 14/19 solas, around 150-200 ?

    Should I use the stocker and wait for Riva to release the 3 blade and go with one of those. If Riva releases a 3 blade for the stage 3 are they going to have a pitch for the stage 2.

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    Kinch, that sux bro!
    couldn`t you install the stocker to see where it is first, being only temporary, just so you can ride, know what I mean ...PR...

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    Send it to Eric at Speedfreek Racing in Brooklyn, NY. His number is 718-876-9618. He fixed a banged up 14/19 that i had and looked like new when I got it back.

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    Dont waste your time waiting on the Riva Stage 3 impeller. You aren't making near enough power to turn that thing.

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