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    What's this torn ring??

    I went looking in the pump intake for the first time on my 13hr RXP, and noticed that black rubber ring on the impeller shaft is not attached to anything (just floating on the shaft), and the forward (threaded-looking) end is partially torn. What is this, where should it be, and do I need to make the dreaded dealer trip?


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    That is your Nose cone for your prop. It threads into the prop. It CAN and does come off if not locktited on. It will cause your ski to cavitate.


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    Loctite will do nothing to help, you have a rubber boot not a metal one.

    If it is torn, you will need to pull the pump, and get a new boot. Silicone on the boot and wipe off the excess.

    Look in the how to section to pull off your pump, it is really easy

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    Following a search here, this seems fairly common for this 'impeller boot' to detach. Is that the consensus, and everyone just sort of accepts it?

    If so I guess I'll invest in a repair manual too, and keep these boots on hand...

    Thanks for the responses.


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    The stock rubber one is not prone to coming off. It is the aluminun one that comes with a Solas impeller that is alot harder to keep in place. You should not need to keep spare ones around.

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