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    beach launch modification

    I've been looking into the various ways to beach launch my ski and I keep coming back to the same problem: bringing along a beach launching dolly is going to be a major pain.

    Isn't there some way that I could attach beach tires to my trailer that swivel down just like the trailer jack? perhaps that causes too much lateral push on the jack system, but there's got to be something better than bringing along a completely separate beach dolly.


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    Does the beach tire+wheel on the tongue need to swivel down? Can it be fixed/mounted such that the tongue doesn't quite touch the ground when using the beach tire, yet the tire is mounted high enough when hooked up for towing that it doesn't touch the pavement?

    Next idea would be to rig a vertical receiver tube onto the trailer frame, and mount a pair of beach wheels on a short axle with a stub shaft to fit up into the vertical receiver. Lift the trailer enough to fit the beach wheel assembly into the receiver, then lower it onto the beach wheels. Offset the vertical shaft connection to the short axle, and it should act like a big castor.

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