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    Question What's in the bottom of your lake?

    What have you lost (besides sunglasses) in the lake?

    My story:
    I came home Saturday to pick up some stuff I forgot I needed for camping and my son called and said "Dad your GPS found a new home at the bottom of the lake".
    It's a Garmin GPS V and was mounted on the handle bar pad and the screw that holds the adjustment bracket backed out and now the fish have a GPS to play with. The good news is I was at home and could get on Ebay to get another one because I'm leaving for Colorado on the 17Th, riding dirt bikes for the week and I must have a GPS.

    The bad thing is I just installed a stage 1 kit on my ski and wanted to see the max speed after install. I guess next weekend I'll find out.

    So what's your story.

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    My Very first wedding Ring. Let me just say to all that you sould wear gloves are take it off.

    Man I was very upset for a few days and my wife cried...


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    Several of my GPS's- Stan, OH Stan, How many have you lost?

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    my friend held on to my boaters license and now its at the bottom of the lake. it was from 01 and i have a new one from 04. when the boat police pull me over it looks like i have 2 years of riding experience instead of 5, even tho i have a whole 7. no big deal though. the police have yamis and they couldnt catch me if they tried, i could care less about how long they think i've had a boating license

    i have a few fishing lures at the bottom of the lake too

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