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    Ok who dropped this off?

    Ok did some of you northern guys try to take home a pet? Btw we dont normally have gators in Tennessee.


    Gator found in drain pipe

    Mary Jo Denton
    Herald-Citizen Staff
    Thursday, Jun 19, 2008
    Luke Hill holds the alligator found in a drain pipe on W. Thomas Allen Road earlier this week.

    PUTNAM COUNTY -- The animal control officers at the Putnam Sheriff's Department are accustomed to insiders ribbing them by reporting a giraffe or a zebra roaming the rural areas here.

    "Very funny," they say, and go on about their business.

    But on Monday afternoon, someone called to report an alligator, and it was no joke.

    "I was dispatched to W. Thomas Allen Road on a report of a stray animal trapped inside a drain pipe," said Animal Control Officer Chris Brown.

    Deputy Brown and Deputy David Blackwell went to the area and met with Douglas Loftis, who told them there was an alligator "in a pipe under his driveway," Brown's report says.

    Kids in the neighborhood had heard something growling and thought at first it was a small dog caught in the pipe, Brown said.

    "Luke Hill, Tony Ortega, and Josh Hill said they got down to look closer and discovered it was a small alligator.

    "They called the Sheriff's Department."

    The deputies cleaned out the area in front of the driveway culvert to drain the water out and then stuck a pole in the other side to push the gator out, he said. It was two to three feet long.

    "When it came out, I caught it with my snake tongs, put it inside a bag, and dropped it off with Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agent Tim Gothard."

    Deputy Brown speculates that someone had the gator for a pet and turned it loose.

    The neighborhood kids found it all very interesting, and someone even named the gator George, the deputy said.

    Yesterday, Brown said the TWRA had to put the alligator down due to the cost of trying to return it to some natural habitat.

    No one knows how long George had been in Cookeville or who brought him here.

    "I'm not sure it's legal to sell alligators, but somebody may have found him somewhere else and just brought him back from vacation," Brown said.

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    Opps,I was wondering were Allie went when we stopped to go pee.

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    Must have been someone from Chicago or north of Chi-Town...They found a gator in the river there too...

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    now dats good stuff right there

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