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    lowell ported ski...should i do exhaust mod?

    I know in the past you guys have recommended against the direct exhaust connection...I was pulling my stock one out today to clean and replace one of the plates that hold my ride plate on and I wasn't sure if while I had it out if theres anything I should do. I have the jetworks mod installed on both machines...not sure if that makes a difference for a "free flow exhaust mod"..



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    You definately want a freeflow with that ported motor, so you dont detonate a piston

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    what year ski?

    what ignition?

    what timing?

    what compression?

    what octane fuel?

    I hate the free flow because it is so loud - so instead of using it to reduce my risk of detonation I lower the timing on my ignition curve - I also have easy access to 94 octane fuelso that helps to.

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