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    Play from the Impeller in the Turbine

    Hello, i had big vibration today in my jet and he turn not like the other days 100prm down.
    I have install one Solas 15/22R with Riva Toploader Intake Grate.
    When i deinstall the turbine i saw that the pump cone turn lightning and the impeller had 1mm play in the turbine, the impeller had work in the Wear Ring.
    Is that normal? where is the faut? it is possible that the bearing is gone.
    The jet (RXT X) had 15 hours run and the impeller i have install before 5 Hours.
    Thanks for help

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    Rudi, 1 mm is a lot. Make sure the impeller is tightened correctly. If it is and there is still a problem you may want to inspect the bearing.

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    Thanks Jerry

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    THX Jerry, i have checked the tightened and it whas not correctly.
    I could turn it one time more and the play whas gone, ok i have lost 0.4mm from the wearing ring. Tomorrow i let it checked from my garage that the tightened is correctly after my rework, because i will drive this weekend at the coast of spain. So i hope the wearing ring must not to be change.
    Thanks for the help

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    Ahhhh, you find my impellertool
    See you on Thursday

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